2018-19 Class Calendar

08.27.18     Session 1 begins
10.12.18     Session 1 ends

10.15.18     Session 2 begins
11.29.18     Session 2 ends

12.03.18     Session 3A begins
12.20.18     Session 3A ends

01.07.19     Session 3B begins
01.31.19     Session 3B ends

02.04.19     Session 4 begins
03.21.19     Session 4 ends

03.25.19     Session 5 begins
05.09.19     Session 5 ends

05.13.19     Session 6 begins
06.27.19     Session 6 ends

  Welcome to Concord Fencing Club


Maintaining the tradition and spirit of Concord Fencing.

CFC News:  


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Next Tournament at CFC: E & Under


Date:     29 September 2018

Events:  Mixed Foil, Mixed Epee, Mixed Sabre, Women's Foil


Latest CFC Tournament Results:


      B & Under 4 Aug 2018


On the Podium: Mixed Foil, Mixed Epee, Mixed Sabre


More Tournament Results

CFC's 2018-2019 Season Begins

16 Aug, 2018 - Concord Fencing Club's regular classes for the 2018-2019 season will begin on 27 August, 2018. CFC offers both individual and group instruction in all three fencing weapons; Foil, Epée, and Sabre. More Info


Ruth Dodge Wins Silver Medal - and World Team Berth

5 July, 2017 - CFC fencer Ruth Dodge won a silver medal at the USA Fencing National Championships, competing in the Veteran 70 Women’s Foil event. Her performance has also earned her a berth on the U.S. Team for the next fencing Veteran World Championship, which will be held in Slovenia in October. Congratulations, Ruth!


CFC Coaches Earn New Rankings in Foil, Epee, and Sabre

30 April, 2017 - Coach Edmundo Martinez has been accredited as a Moniteur in Foil and Sabre, and Coach Jim Leland has been accredited as a Moniteur in Epee, by the United States Fencing Coaches Association (USFCA). This is the second of four levels of certification for fencing coaches and instructors, progressing toward the rank of Prévôt, and ultimately, of Fencing Master. Moniteur certification is achieved by passing first a written examination, then an oral and practical examination by USFCA-certified Prévôts or Fencing Masters.


CFC's Homeschool Program

The Concord Fencing Club Fencing for Homeschoolers Program, designed for children between the ages of 7 and 14, is divided into four 10 week sessions. Each class will last 60 minutes. Course description


NH Chronicle Investigates Olympic Fencing at CFC


Concord Monitor profiles CFC's "Dynamic Duo"

More CFC Tournament Results:


      Epee Grand Round_Robin 21 July 2018


On the Podium: Mixed Epee


      D & Under 2 Jun 2018


On the Podium: Mixed Foil, Mixed Epee, Women's Foil


      Wide Open 19 May 2018


On the Podium: Mixed Foil, Mixed Epee, Women's Foil


      C & Under 5 May 2018


On the Podium: Mixed Foil, Mixed Epee, Mixed Sabre, Women's Foil


      National Qualifiers - Div II-III & Y1414 April 2018


On the Podium: Women's Foil


      Molly Stark Mixed-Team Relay31 March 2018


On the Podium: Team Foil, Team Epee


      Youth & Vet Tournament 27 January 2018


On the Podium:

Youth Events: Y10 Mixed Foil, Y12 Mixed Foil, Y14 Mixed Foil

Senior Events:Vet Mixed Foil; Vet Mixed Epee


      Nor'Easter Open 27 January 2018


On the Podium: Mixed Foil, Mixed Epee, Women's Foil


      Holiday Open 30 December 2017


On the Podium: Mixed Foil, Mixed Epee, Women's Epee, Mixed Sabre


      C & Under 7 October 2017


On the Podium: Mixed Foil, Women's Foil, Mixed Epee, Mixed Sabre


      D & Under 16 September 2017


On the Podium: Mixed Foil, Mixed Epee



CFC Philosophy

Concord Fencing Club offers fencing instruction for kids, teens, and adults ranging from beginners to advanced fencers and elite competitors. The philosophy for beginners is mostly educational and recreational. For experienced fencers the emphasis depends upon the fencer's desires - either recreational or competitive. How a person approaches the sport depends upon personal factors.


CFC is here for ALL fencers.

Our approach to instruction is always positive, and our hope is that each fencer will enjoy and feel successful in what he or she is doing. Fencing has long been recognized as an excellent activity for developing self confidence and body awareness. Beyond the skills needed for fencing, special emphasis is placed on cultivating principles that are essential to achievement in all types of athletic and professional pursuits: Discipline and sportsmanship. Every fencer is taught based upon his or her own ability in a progressive fashion, allowing each one to move along a preset sequence of skills at his or her own pace.

An essential goal is to have fun!