Shawn Brooks, Moniteur
Coach Brooks
Shawn Brooks is Head Coach and Program Director at Concord Fencing Club.  Shawn began fencing at CFC with Tracy Nabstedt in 1996, and immediately fell in love with the sport.  He has been competing at the local, regional, and national level since 1998, and was a bronze medalist at the USFA Summer Nationals in 1999.

     Coach Brooks has trained under several high-level coaches and fencing masters such as Maestros Michael Marx, Mark Masters, and Tony Gillam, gaining insight into the physical and mental skills needed by competitive fencers at all levels.  His interest in helping fencers attain their competitive goals is evidenced by students who have competed at the World Cup level and have gone on to become national medalists themselves.

     Coach Brooks has earned the rank of Moniteur in Foil and Epee from the US Fencing Coaches Association.

Edmundo Martinez, Moniteur
Coach Martinez
Edmundo Martínez is an instructor and coach of Foil and Sabre at Concord Fencing Club. He started fencing at the age of 10 under the tutelage of Maestro Jean Lesueur and remained active in the sport for over 40 years.

     Edmundo was coach and captain of the UPRM College fencing team from 1969 to 1973 and was a member of the PR National Fencing Team in Foil and Sabre from 1970 to 1979. He competed in Sabre at the 6th Pan American Games in Cali, Colombia, and in Foil and Sabre at the Ramon Fonst In-Memoriam and the Central American and Caribbean Fencing Tournament, both in Havana. In 1972, he qualified to participate in the Munich Olympics representing Puerto Rico.

     Edmundo has earned the rank of Moniteur in Foil and Sabre from the US Fencing Coaches Association.

James Leland, Moniteur
Coach Leland
Jim Leland is an instructor and Coach in Epee at Concord Fencing Club.  Jim began fencing in 1981 at Princeton University, where he had the privilege of training under Master Stanley Sieja and the renowned Maître Michel Sebastiani.  Jim was Epee Weapon Leader for the Princeton varsity fencing team in 1985 - 1986, and  returned to competition as a veteran fencer at the local and national level in 2004.

     As an instructor, Jim strives to establish a solid technical foundation for competitive development, and to share his enjoyment and appreciation for the art and science of fencing as a lifelong pursuit. 

     Jim has earned the rank of Moniteur in Epee from the US Fencing Coaches Association.

Althea Haropulos
Coach Leland
Althea Haropulos is CFC's Business Manager as well as a competitor. She started fencing over 20 years ago, and has competed in all three weapons. She currently competes locally, regionally and on the national circuit in epee.

     This season, Althea will serve as an Assistant Coach in Foil, Epee and Sabre. Her years of competitive experience and bout committee background, as well as her years of teaching experience in photography and art, make Althea a valuable teaching resource for the club and the fencing community.

     Althea has earned the rank of Moniteur in Epee from the US Fencing Coaches Association.

Taury Anderson
Coach Ntapalis
This season we welcome Taury Anderson back into our coaching ranks. Taury started fencing at CFC over 20 years ago.  Throughout her fencing career she has competed at local and regional tournaments as well as the Summer Nationals and Junior Olympics.

     This isn't Taury's first rodeo. She used to assist with our Intro classes many years ago. Taury's patience and interest in seeing people thrive in the sport we all love will help ensure an enjoyable experience for CFC students.

     Taury is also our club seamstress and clothing repair guru. Need something sewn, stitched, and otherwise made useable again? Taury will make it happen!