Club Policies
Shawn Brooks, Program Director

        Concord Fencing Club is an insured, USFA-sanctioned facility that provides a safe, clean, supportive environment for fencing instruction and competition for young people (7 years and up) and adults.

        We try to make our classes fun and friendly to the athlete and non-athlete alike. Our classes and our club are female friendly. Fencing is an activity where application of brain power and initiative can overcome an opponent of superior strength and stature.

        Please feel free to introduce yourself to me or to any other members of the CFC staff if you have any issues that you would like to discuss. We would be pleased to answer any questions you might have about fencing, and we welcome visitors anytime. 

You can reach us at (603) 224-3560



Customer satisfaction
Concord Fencing Club believes that anyone who has the desire to learn should have the opportunity to fence. Even those with health problems or physical limitations have the opportunity to learn fencing. Our coaching staff will assist you in developing a program around any limitations you may have.
CFC will not tolerate any discriminatory act or act of harassment, sexual or otherwise, from staff members, other fencers, or observers. If you are uncomfortable at any time, for any reason, please notify a staff member immediately.

We want your fencing experience to be rewarding and positive!

For the Student
Concord Fencing Club strives to make the fencing experience enjoyable for all ages. Fencers can take advantage of our 5,400 square foot facility with seven fencing strips with overhead reels, two of which are grounded. Lockers are available for rent to students to minimize the amount of gear they must haul around.  A fully equipped armorer's bench is available for students to tune-up or repair their equipment and basic armory training is a part of CFC's normal class curriculum.

For the Parent

CFC is pleased to provide a Parent's lounge with comfortable chairs, reading materials, and free Wi-Fi so you can relax or even get some work done while waiting for your child.


All  fencers at Concord Fencing Club are required to join the United States Fencing Association (USFA). The   USFA provides insurance to protect the fencer and all connected with the sport.  In addition to insurance, the USFA provides  a quarterly newsletter and "American Fencing" magazine, where you can find all the latest info on rules, technique, equipment, nutrition, competitions, sports medicine, parent's issues and more.

CFC hosts several competitions each year. For many fencers this adds a level of comfort early in their competitive fencing experience and simplifies the logistics of getting younger fencers to and from competitions. Coaching for competitive fencers at local competitions is a standard at CFC which provides a supportive atmosphere as well as a competitive advantage.

Fencing is one of the safest modern sports and injuries are rare.  Why is fencing so safe? Fencing is a low impact sport and "Touches" must be made while athletes are "In Control".  Modern equipment also plays a part in keeping fencers protected. Clothing and masks are light but strong and fencers work with weapons only when completely equipped and properly supervised.